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Our recommendations – The top 5 restaurants


1. La Croix d’Or (Avranches)

The Hotel/Restaurant is located at the top of the busy Rue de la Constitution and a short distance from Patton Square (Place Patton). There is a convenient parking area behind the hotel with well maintained gardens and pathways to the restaurant. The Hotel was a coaching in during the 17th Century, is typically Norman and has some beautiful furnishings and copper antiques.

The menu is excellent with a wide choice of gourmet dishes cooked to local recipes. There are 4 differently priced ‘fixed price menus’ starting at €25.00 for 4 courses. A typical four course meal might be a ginger tuille salad, followed by smoked salmon, variety of cheeses and a red pepper sorbet to finish. Make sure you leave room for your dessert as they are highly recommended.

If you prefer to select your own combinations and courses it can prove quite expensive although it must be said that the menu choice is immense and there must be something there for everyone! In the past there has been no menu available in English and getting translations of the accompanying itels is not always easy.

Our verdict

Superb ambiance and you can be sure of some delicious French food. The special lunchtime menu is particularly good value. Drinks can be very expensive – especially the wine! Check the bill carefully as ‘mistakes’ have been made. Overall, the restaurant is highly recommended and should provide you with that very special evening.

Address: 83 rue de la Constitution, 50300 Avranches

Tel:   –   Fax:


Closed: 31st December – 27th January, and Sunday evenings between 15th October and 1st April

Budget: 25€ plus


2. Le Tripot (Avranches)

This restaurant is quickly growing in popularity with the French and it is not hard to see why. It is located just a few minutes walk from the main car park alongside the Avranches tourist information office and mairie, in the Rue du Tripot, almost directly opposite the main Crédit Agricole Bank. Unlike La Croix D’Or, it is nothing to look at from the outside, but inside you soon appreciate the friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

What a surprise to find this small restaurant with a refreshing decor, young and enthusiastic staff and fabulous food, artistically presented. You can look right into the spotless kitchen and watch the young chefs (two of them) work their magic. Locals seem to favour this establishment and are obviously regulars. So this would suggest that our own good experience is not unique – people do come back!

The setting is casual and very inviting. Max, the Chef and owner, will take care of you if you have limited French language skills, and he has a great rapport with the customers.

The food was a refreshing change from all the crepes and galettes. Among the favorites are the Saint Jacques chorizo, the lamb, the duck and the grilled bass. The best were the tasty and well thought out desserts. The kids meals are prepared with the same care as those for the adults.

Our verdict

A very friendly atmosphere, with delicious food imaginatively presented. There is a 3 course set menu at lunchtime which is extremely good value. You will be well looked after and Le Tripot definitely offers something that is just a little different. Highly recommended.

Address: 11 rue du Tripot, 50300 Avranches


Open from 12h00 for lunches – From 19h00 for evening meals

Open all year round

The Chef: Maxime Ravalet

Budget: 20-30€


3. Le littré (Avranches)

The restaurant/bar is very easy to find, situated by the side of the roundabout called the Place du Littré, and opposite the Mairie. Parking should be possible in the large free car park besides the tourist information office. Le Littré has been under the loving stewardship of its proprietor, Marie-Agnès Nivard, since it opened in 1977.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated and has a wonderful ambience. Larger groups of diners are seated at oval or round tables which means you can converse with ease. There is a bar just inside the entrance to the restaurant where you can enjoy an aperitif before starting your meal.

The service is brisk and the owner is always present to make sure everything runs perfectly. The food is usually delicious but not for the first time my only gripe was that they had run out of the dessert that I asked for – never mind, it will be a good excuse to return there again. At a busy time of the year I recommend booking a table because this is a very popular restaurant and it really will give that quintessential French dining experience.

Specialities include choucroute de poissons, agneau, huîtres et moules (selon la saison), croustillant au camembert, et teurgoule.

There is a special lunchtime menu priced from €10.50 to €16.50 with four courses but not much choice over the main course. Eating à la carte can be quite expensive so be sure to check the prices carefully.

Our verdict

The restaurant is efficient and friendly although it can get very busy. It is centrally located and very easy to find. There is a special menu (menu du marché) available daily in the evening with three courses and a choice of either a meat or fish main course. This is always excellent value. The drinks offered can prove very expensive so be sure to order accurately and check the price!

Address: 6 rue du Docteur Gilbert, 50300 Avranches

Open for lunches Tuesdays-Fridays

Closed: all day Mondays

Chef: Armand Fischer

Budget: €15-30

Open all year round


4. Le Fruitier (Villedieu-les-Poêles)

The food has always been excellent at this restaurant and now the brasserie/bistrot offers good food all day 7 days a week. Unlike other places in the Villedieu area, it is not pretentious and provides excellent food at sensible prices. Their entrecote steak is amongst the tastiest and tenderest I have had in a long time.

Le Fruitier offers traditional quality cuisine in a setting that favours the pleasures of the palate, and also of the eye. The restaurant will seduce you with its modern colours preparing you for the blending of flavours and refinement.

Traditional favourites have been modernized and among the restaurant’s favourite dishes you may discover seafood gratin with onion cream, thinly-sliced pork fillet served with cranberry sauce, or sole served on a bed of steamed vegetables. If you have a sweet tooth the chocolate brownie, coated in crunchy chocolate, served with home made yoghourt ice cream and the pear in puff pastry, served with a light praline cream will both blow you away.

Our verdict

The bistrot is new and proving very popular if you just want a snack rather than a full meal. The service is efficient and the menu provides you with a wide and enticing selection of quick meals. The restaurant has always been one of my favourites and I will always recommend their lamb dishes! The food is quite delicious with a typically French style of cuisine – there will not be many vegetables on your plate! Be sure to leave room for the dessert – there is a wide choice and most are excellent. You eat in very pleasant surroundings and it is good value for money.

Address: 3 rue Jules Ferry – Place des Costils, 50800 Villedieu-les-Poêles


Closed: on Sundays from 15/11 to 15/03


5. Le Saint Marco (Avranches)

The San Marco is a pizzeria/restaurant centrally located in Avranches towards the top end of the Rue de la Constitution and next to the cinema. The San Marco has three rooms, one of which is large enough to accommodate groups for birthdays and other celebrations. There is parking along the street but it might be more sensible to park at the Tourist Information Office car park and take a short walk.

The pizzeria not only offers pizzas, but also salads, grilled meat dishes, fish and pastas.

The pizzas are priced from €8.50-€10.50, and include their own special the ‘San Marco’ which contains tomato, cheese, smoked salmon, prawns, avocado and cream!

There is plenty of choice on the menu and you do not have to stick to pizzas. They will grill you an ‘Entrecote’ steak for €13.60 and for around the same price you might be tempted by the ‘magret de canard’. They also offer four house specials for around €14 – delicious dishes that accompany either duck or veal.

Our verdict

A very popular Pizza House with friendly and quick service. The menu provides plenty of choice and you get a good plateful of food! Child friendly, with a nice atmosphere and the regular customers will assure you it’s also good value.

Address: 47 rue de la constitution, 50300 Avranches

Open: 12h00 – 19h00

Closed : Sunday and Monday evenings

Budget : €15-30  (special lunchtime menu at €9.20)


6. Le Moulin (Beauchamps, near Villedieu)

If you fancy trying something a little different and you love your meat, then why not give Le Moulin a try?

This Grill/Restaurant is situated on the D924, very close to the Zoo at Champrepus, and about mid distance between Villedieu-les-poeles and Beauchamp. There is ample parking behind the restaurant and the journey is about 25 minutes from La Merveille.

Le Moulin is constructed around an old water mill and the tables, both inside and outside, are never far from the sound of rushing water. The real appeal of this exceptionally pleasant and welcoming eating place, is that for meat lovers you will be spoilt for choice (and smell)  and can even choose to watch your meal being grilled over an open fire.

There is a good variety of food on offer. There are entrées, galettes, omelettes, salads, desserts, crepes and ices. The meat cooked includes a ‘Braserade’or large serving of beef which is shared between two people. The grill offers you pork, lamb, a wide variety of steaks including a delicious Entrecote à la fourme d’ambert, ham and duck. For the children it’s the usual choice of sausages or ham!

The main course is quite reasonably priced with much of the meat on the menu on offer at prices between 15 and 18 euros per person.

Our verdict

A very pleasant environment for your evening meal, particularly on those long and warm summer evenings. There are plenty of tables and large groups are always comfortably managed. This is a very popular restaurant, particularly with the French, and can be very busy in July, August and on Bank Holidays. The service is unhurried but efficient and friendly. If you enjoy your  meat,  you are unlikely to be  disappointed with Le Moulin.

Address: le Moulin de Beauchamps, Le Pont Neuf, 50800 Champrepus

Tel : 0233613077

Closed : Le Moulin does not open Mondays and Tuesdays